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Joy should always surprise you and we make it possible for you to rediscover driving pleasure every day. We don’t just fulfil the highest design and dynamics standards. Our new way of thinking and innovations, both large and small, continually reinvent the art of driving.

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BMW Design shows you at a glance what you can experience with a BMW: dynamics, joy and passion. For decades, a variety of striking design features has influenced the artistic style of BMW. You’ll still find these in every single BMW produced today. Interpreted in a unique way.

L-shaped rear lights: glowing expression.

The characteristic L-shaped rear lights are strikingly visible at night and their allure holds firm in the daytime too. The LED lights appear to glow from within, while their horizontal positioning guarantees recognition and emphasises the vehicle’s sporty and stable frame.

Hofmeister Kink: dynamic finesse.

The Hofmeister kink, named after Wilhelm Hofmeister, the head of BMW body design at the time, is the term for the counter curve in the window-outline at the base of the rear roof pillar. It made its debut in 1961 and has graced almost every BMW produced since then, drawing attention to the vehicle’s dynamic urge to move and the typical BMW rear-wheel drive.

Crease Line: distinctively stylish.

The characteristic tapered shape flows from the front to the rear of the vehicle and highlights its dynamic forward thrust. This sophisticated look propels the vehicle forward even when it’s standing still, an effect that’s further enhanced by the door handles meticulously integrated into the crease.

The Coupé Line: flowing elegance.

Let your gaze wander from the striking front to the dynamically curved body and on to the broad, powerful rear. The markedly elongated silhouette blends self-assurance with agile dynamics.

Engine sound: experience it with all your senses.

BMW Design isn’t just something you see – you hear and feel it too. Experts in research centres develop the particular sound and temperament of each engine. This allows the BMW to dazzle with its unmistakeable sound as well as its appearance. Experience it for yourself!

My BMW Remote App

The most comfortable way to lock and unlock your BMW: My BMW Remote App by BMW Assist is the remote control really worthy of the name. Enjoy access to your BMW via your iPhone regardless of where you happen to be.

Climate Control

Remote Door Lock & Unlock

Flash Light

Horn Blow

Google Send to Car

Google Local Search

BMW Connected App

‘BMW Connected’ is a free app developed by BMW that brings Facebook, Twitter or your favourite web radio station in a clear overview to the main vehicle display in the cockpit. The News function keeps you up to date on what’s happening around the world – via predefined RSS feeds or your own favourite sources.

Last Mile Navigation



Wiki Local

Fuel level

Vehicle Finder

Twitter & Facebook

Total distance

Web radio


Aupeo! App

The Aupeo! app has the soundtrack to your day: the Personal Internet radio draws on a database with 120 genre stations and adapts to your own personal musical taste by using the ‘Love’ and ‘Ban’ buttons.

Free music streaming

Wherever you are

At any time

Love and ban

A world of music at your fingertips


Unlimited geographical reach

BMW ConnectedDrive

Discover intelligent connections: BMW ConnectedDrive brings you a steadily growing number of mobility services and driver assistance systems for added comfort, infotainment and safety in your BMW.

Google Local Search

News / My News

BMW Online Office

Parking Assistant

Bluetooth Office

BMW Night Vision with Pedestrian Recognition

Collision Warning

Teleservice Call

Lane Change Warning

BMW Apps

Weather in map view

My BMW Remote

Advanced Emergency Call

Dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant

Lane Departure Warning and Collision Warning

BMW Head-Up Display


BMW Live

My Info

Real Time Traffic

Google Send to Car
(Google Maps)

Information Service

Speed Limit Info

Bluetooth Audio

Album Cover Display

Crossborder Service

Active cruise control with Stop & Go function

Driver’s Profile

Pictures at destination

Contactless opening of the tailgate

Remote Services

Further Information
on points of interest
via BMW Online

No-overtaking indicator

Software Update via USB

Surround View

Teleservice Diagnosis / Help



A BMW lets you experience mobility when you’re driving and when you’re thinking. You’ll find the most innovative services by BMW ConnectedDrive in your BMW with numerous apps that connect your vehicle to your smartphone so you can rediscover driving pleasure again and again.

Snap-in adapter

The best connection on the move: the snap-in adapter offers a secure location for current mobile phones, connects your phone with the hands-free device and charges the batteries at the same time.

EfficientDynamics principle:

Maximise joy.

Minimise consumption.

Over the course of the last two model generations, the BMW Group has reduced their European fleet’s consumption by 30%. The critical factor here: EfficientDynamics – a standard feature in every new BMW. Behind this isn’t just a single technology, but a comprehensive and coordinated package of measures.

Air vent control:

Divert the air flow.

Increase efficiency.

Improved aerodynamics and short cold-run phases: the air vents between the double kidneys and the radiator reduce consumption and emission levels from the moment you start driving.
Normally the air vents are kept closed and direct the air flow around the radiator to improve aerodynamics. The engine management system only opens the vents when extra cooling is required.

Driving Experience Control:

Lower consumption.

Gain kilometres.

Less consumption at the touch of a button? No problem: when you select ECO PRO Mode with the Driving Experience Control an intelligent efficiency system goes to work and allows reduced consumption of up to 20% (depending on individual driving style). This remarkable result was proven consumption study conducted by BMW.


Step off the accelerator.

Step up efficiency.

Go sailing in a hybrid vehicle: just take your foot off the accelerator. This disconnects the combustion engine from the drive train; the vehicle uses kinetic energy to propel itself forward and thus glides along the road without consuming fuel. Activating ECO PRO Mode allows the car to glide at up to 160 km/h and thus save even more fuel.

Aero wheel rim:

Reduce resistance.

Nurture aerodynamics.

Perfect aerodynamics for optimising fuel consumption doesn't begin and end with the bodywork: recently developed by BMW, the resistance-optimised aero wheel rims in turbine wheel design counter this turbulence effectively by channelling the air along the sides of the vehicle and reducing wind resistance. This reduces fuel consumption and simultaneously increases driving pleasure.

Auto Start Stop function:

Stop automatically.

Save immediately.

Red lights, traffic jams, road works – in everyday driving situations, there are countless instances where the engine is idling, unnecessarily burning fuel. The Auto Start Stop function switches off the engine when the vehicle stops temporarily and thus avoids unnecessary fuel consumption.


Lower consumption.

Increase performance.

Just like in sports, top performance in a vehicle requires the right breathing techniques. Engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology combine a TwinScroll turbocharger with Valvetronic, Double-Vanos and High Precision Injection. Valvetronic, the innovative valve control system, allows the engine to ‘breathe more freely’ and thus achieve impressive performance values as well as high torque. And all that with markedly reduced consumption.



EfficientDynamics is the multiple award-winning philosophy from BMW that makes dynamics sustainable. In this process, all technologies work together to deliver more power with less consumption and increase driving pleasure.



An innovation that takes you further than your five senses ever could: the BMW Head-Up Display by BMW ConnectedDrive displays navigation information, person recognition via BMW Night Vision, Lane Departure Warning information, current speed limits as well as overtaking bans directly in your field of vision, while you keep your eyes on the road. Test it for yourself!


BMW Night Vision with person recognition and Dynamic Light Spot

A revolution leading to even more safety at night: BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot detects pedestrians in the dark even from a long distance – and selectively illuminates them.


Speed Limit Info with no-overtaking indicator

The camera on the interior mirror keeps track of road signs. In combination with the Navigation system Professional, it recognises speed limit signs and overtaking bans.


Lane Departure Warning with Collision Warning

Anticipate what lies ahead. Your BMW actively helps you to avoid dangers. Radar and cameras monitor your surroundings, warn you of lane drift and vehicles that come too close.



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